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If you have encountered a problem while using a footpath in Capel Parish, please let us know and we shall investigate the issue. Capel Path Rangers will deal with problems themselves if they are able. This would include such issues as overgrowth, signage, and minor obstructions. More serious problems will be passed on to the Kent County Council Public Rights of Way team. They can deal with issue such as broken bridges, deliberate obstruction, and serious drainage matters. If necessary, we can also involve The Ramblers organization.

You can report a problem by e-mail click here.

Please include the following information in your e-mail so that we can investigate the problem as quickly as possible.

  • What - Description and Details of the problem;
  • When did you encounter the problem;
  • Where - Describe the exact location of the problem (using Public Rights of Way numbers and/or Ordanance Survey map reference, if known).
  • Attach a photograph if you have one.

An e-mail address is required to follow up on the problems raised. It is never passed to any third party.

The results of some of the problems addressed by Capel Path Rangers can be seen on our activities page.

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