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There are over 50 footpaths in Capel Parish. This network of paths enables you to walk from the centre of the parish to Paddock Wood, Pembury, East Peckham, Golden Green or Tonbridge. These notes are intended to help you enjoy your walks in our parish.

  • Please respect the farm and woodland these paths pass through. They belong to the farmers and landowners.
  • Remember these footpaths are not cycle routes and should not be used for off road cycling.
  • Stick to the footpaths. Most are well defined and the way marking is being improved across the whole parish network.
  • Look out for round yellow discs with a black arrow pointing in the direction the path follows. These can be seen on posts, stiles, and bridges along the route.
  • Bright yellow tape is also used on gates, stiles, and posts at various points along the route.
  • Where the footpaths leave the public highway they are marked by one of the following:
    • Wooden post with a marker saying Public Footpath pointing in the direction of the path. This may also have a smaller KCC notice with the path number on it.
    • A metal post with a Public Footpath pointer on it.
    • The much older low level concrete marker similar to a fire hydrant sign. These concrete markers are harder to see in the summer as they are often obscured by the vegetation.
  • Close the gates after you.
  • Follow the Countryside Code
  • Take your litter home with you. (If you see any litter on your walk, why not pick it up and dispose of it in one of the litter bins or when you get back home?).
  • Keep dogs under control (on a lead near livestock). This is very important when there is livestock in the fields and orchards you are walking through. Remember farmers can destroy any dog found worrying sheep or other livestock.
  • Wear appropriate shoes or boots. Remember that cross country path can be muddy particularly after it has been wet and some paths have patches that can be muddy all year round.
  • If you are not familiar with the rute you intend to walk take a map with you. We recommend one of the following:
    • Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 136 High Weald;
    • "Ten Walks Around Capel" available from the Village Shop, the Parish Office, and other locations. The map from the booklet is on this website.
    • You can also visit the interactive map on the Explore Kent web site and print of a map of the path you intend to walk. To do this, simply go to the Explore Kent Interactive Map and click on the area in which you wish to walk.

Here are some of the signs that you will see in the parish.

Finger Post with tape. Green Finger Post. Byway. Byway old style.
Yellow marker. Stone marker.

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